Ankylos (Germany) Many people face the problem of tooth loss. First, the optimal solution is the prosthetics. But sooner or later there comes a time when the teeth in the oral cavity does not remain. Then come to the aid of implants of the Ankylos (Germany) – reliable support for prosthetic constructions. This type is characterized by a thread profile in the form of an arc. It allows construction which can be locked in two layers of bone tissue.

Their varieties

The company "Ankylos" implants produces these types:

  • Ankylos C/X is used for short, one-stage implantation. The developers have provided a unique line of orthopedic elements, which differ in length and diameter. It is possible to expand their application. This system consists of four variants. Each has its marked color.
  • SynCone – suitable for age. It is a ready system. It is possible to make it non-removable.
  • Ankylos CAD/CAM is used for forced fit of the dentures.

The positive side of the implants


  1. The versatility of their use decreases the risk of tissue necrosis and various infections.
  2. Minimizing rejection by his body.
  3. Invisibility – they are located down in the gum.
  4. Sophisticated fastening system abutment.
  5. The possibility of simultaneous implantation.
  6. Loyal pricing policy of the manufacturer.
  7. A long service life.

The negative side of the implants

Everything has disadvantages. Ankylos implant is no exception. Such disadvantages include:

  • the same form;
  • the presence of contraindications;
  • short warranty period of use of tools and zirconium element;
  • a very long period between the implantation of the design and the possibility of its application (2-3 months);
  • the need for application of tools.


It is forbidden to use implants if:

  • Bad condition of the oral cavity, as a consequence of lack of hygienic care.
  • Diseases of the nervous system and circulatory system.
  • The bruxism.
  • Individual intolerance of components.
  • Acute diseases of the oral cavity.

As you can see, before you decide on implants, you need to study the features of his body. To understand this you will help your doctor.

The cost of implantation

The price of Ankylos ranges from a few thousand hryvnia. It depends on the type and the kind of used design. If it is considered together with the services of a dentist, then the figure will be slightly higher.

But believe me, the quality matches the price.

People say...

There are different opinions about implants from this company. But we immediately note that it is not particularly necessary to listen. It is better to ask questions professional. Then you will be familiar with all nuances of work and be able to clearly determine for themselves the necessity of this procedure.