Malocclusion Unfortunately, not all people are lucky to be born with perfect healthy teeth. Given the state of the environment, environment, modern food, teeth people is far from ideal, sometimes it is necessary to perform correction of malocclusion.


This is necessary so that people are no longer ashamed of their smile, not afraid to show his teeth, did not feel slighted. The most effective is a treating the problem at the first it is detected, that is malocclusion children. It is understood that this is not a purely cosmetic defect, he brings considerable discomfort to the person having such a problem.


The tooth having the incorrect place in its tooth row, starts faster wear out, to deteriorate, to stagger, to hurt. In such cases it is necessary to make correction of malocclusion. Depends on the patient's quality of life and the ability just to eat well without discomfort, unpleasant feelings. Sometimes this pain even just to take a bite of food becomes a problem.


Classification problems


Klassificeret malocclusion according to several criteria:


  • Congenital/acquired.
  • Simple/complex problems (often we are talking about complex disease with carious teeth, plaque, stones, destruction of enamel).
  • Those that require surgical correction of occlusion/bite correction braces.
  • Kids/adults problems that are difficult to treat.


Malocclusion If you have such problems, do not greatly upset the alignment of the teeth now is the know-how, there are many methods and ways. The main thing – it does not harm the gums, the teeth do not spoil, it does not violate their natural coordination. Correction of malocclusion the children there is a separate science, how to perform all manipulations without hurting the growth of the teeth, but at the same time, helping the jaw to form correctly.


In situations with children, the main problem, but the main advantage is that the body is growing, and that means everything moves, moves again and again. For the child is often applicable malocclusion Burr. This technique is very gentle, but no less effective. Its essence consists that the dentist, on a special solution makes the impression of the jaw of the child processes it, makes corrections where the teeth are wrong. Next, dental technicians perform plastic/ceramic tray, which already carries adjustments. Wearing the tray for a few hours in the day, the child with parental supervision, can independently make a correction of a deep bite.


Healthy teeth are necessary to all – both children and adults


If the problem incorrectly growing teeth is detected in childhood, but into adulthood, too, there is a great possibility that you can perform a bite correction. It needs to go to the dentist, orthodontist, he will carefully examine your issue. Then with the doctor you determine possible treatment options. With the right approach, it becomes possible to even complete correction of deep bite.