Clinic  «Dr. Teeth»provides preventive dentistry, which will help you to prevent diseases and to enjoy life without a toothache.

Within the framework of a therapeutic treatment Our specialists provide services

  • treatment of carious lesions;
  • mechanical, ultrasonic and laser treatment of the root canal;
  • root canal filling with glass ionomer material, and various high-quality nano-and nano-composite cements.

Even now such a problem does not bother you, do not forget that with age, broken teeth and wrong care can be restored only through expensive procedures. Create for yourself a good habit to once every six months to visit the dentist for a checkup, and you never know what a toothache.

As with any other therapies in the clinic  «Dr. Teeth» is absolutely painless. Using modern technology and the quality of painkillers will let you feel comfortable during the procedure and after it you can easily do their business without feeling side effects and aftereffects.

Timely preventive dentistry save you from toothache

Our teeth every day, year after year, doing their job, helping digestion and forming correct our speech. And what would be gray and boring world if we could not give each other our beautiful shining smile?

Take care of the health, do not forget about the appearance of your teeth. What would your smile shone in the beauty and health professionals provide services to our clinic aesthetic dentistry, which include:

  • artistic restoration of anatomic
    restoration of tooth shape;
  • traditional and laser whitening;
  • pad veneers;
  • teth decoration;

Manual restoration maximizes repeat the natural shape of the tooth and ensures perfect appearance of the front teeth.

Restoration of teeth can occur directly and inderectly:

Direct restoration of teeth is carried out directly in the patient's mouth. As a restorative materials used light curing filling materials (geliokompozity, fotokompozity) last generations. With their help, your dentist may choose not only the color of the tooth so that it is no different from others, but also to recreate the natural light transmission. The latest development, greatly facilitates the above objectives, - a nanocomposite filling materials having "chameleon effect". These materials are able to accurately simulate the optical properties of the tooth structure.

Indirect dental restoration is done in three stages::

  • Preparation of teeth Impression;
  • manufacturing laboratory inlays, onlays, veneers, metal-free crowns, etc. using restorative materials;
  • fixing the finished material to the tooth.

Indirect restoration is considered the most high-quality because at the laboratory stage, the technician picks up exactly the shape of the restorative material, assessing how it will be combined with native teeth and tissues of the patient. He is like a sculptor, subtly and painstakingly sculpts from artificial materials of the tooth, so that she was the most similar to the present.  The materials themselves, of course, is also very important.
Since then, people began to think not only about restoring the functionality of the teeth, but also about aesthetics, restoration methodology is constantly evolving. Modern materials and technologies are applied in the planning stage and at the stage of treatment that provides a stunning artistic results.