Treatment and tooth filling The carious process involves destruction of the bacteria of dental hard tissues. When the formation of a cavity due to tooth decay need to carry out cleaning and filling. Before beginning the procedure of treatment, the doctor makes a shot for the pain. It is necessary to remove all possible pain.

The process of filling

For quality dental fillings need to properly carry out a preparatory stage, which is as follows:

  • the introduction of the anesthetic for pain relief;
  • determining the extent and depth of caries;
  • remove all affected tissues and pulp;
  • treatment of the cavity with a disinfectant;
  • the choice of seals produced in accordance with certain aspects (in particular with respect to the location of the tooth);
  • x-ray of the tooth to ensure the quality of the work performed;
  • conducting polishing of the installed seals and coating her indelible varnish.

If the lesion is not deep, you install a simple medicated pads when machining cavities, which were formed after removal of the pulp. But if the process is sufficiently serious, requiring filling root canals of the tooth , they should be filling the selected material. To carry out this procedure better, because after removing the pulp, the canal is empty.

In some lesions and pathologies, to the standard treatment becomes impossible, in such a situation applied a retrograde filling, which is sealed closed channels.

The cost of dental fillings depends largely on the materials used. In our days there are several types. Let's consider each.

Reflective seals

After a complete cleaning of the tooth and processing the necessary materials, a layerwise application of the seal, each layer light the special lamp for curing. The following actions will be grinding and polishing. This type of fillings are very convenient and most preferable, since the materials are durable and unnoticeable.

Fillings chemical rejection

Treatment and tooth filling Hardening occurs during the day in consequence of the reaction between the components. This type of fillings, the price of which can vary and depend on severity of damage, has many color options. That means pick a color the color of the tooth of the patient.

The installation procedure is almost indistinguishable from the sealing of the light reflecting seal. The only condition will be to refrain during the day from strongly staining foods, as the seal may change color.

Fillings of cement

This material is the least popular in our days, has small lifetime and it is impossible to choose the color of the tooth. But the cost of filling teeth, this material will be the smallest compared to the other. Sometimes such seals are used for sealing of deciduous teeth in children.

When the canal filling the tooth also are made of various materials, e.g., paste, pins or method of filling root canals with gutta-percha, which meets all the requirements, but for the most effective performance, it requires perfect cleaning of the cavity and utter integrity.