Implants Legacy Today the majority of people with tooth loss stop implantation at the option of prosthetics. They significantly improve a person's life in aesthetic terms, and the use of food. Indeed, thanks to the implants can be good to chew food, improves the work gastrointestinal tract. Each provides a wide range of dental structures to establish that turnkey will help dental clinic "Doctor Zub".

What is an implant?

The last time dentistry is a popular service for restoring teeth with implants. It's kind of a replacement tooth, which was once removed. Dentist with special structures fixes the implant in the jaw and thus sets a new tooth. There are many types of implants, but the most popular today are considered legacy implants. There are three categories. This:

  • Legacy1;
  • Legacy2;
  • Legacy3.

These types have several advantages that ocanada any client. These include the following criteria:

  • the Legacy implants have mini-threads, which quickly introduced because of the double helix;
  • all the above species have a cone shape that facilitate entry into the jaw;
  • thread with the double helix reduces the number of prokrashivania in the jawbone;
  • reliable to use;
  • reduce the degree of bone resorption;
  • eliminate all defects of dentition;
  • enable to use in the future, fixed and removable prostheses;
  • protect the jaw bone from destruction;
  • improve functioning of the gastrointestinal tract due to the effective process of mastication;
  • these implants can be installed immediately after tooth extraction.

Selecting such implants from the States, every patient gets the opportunity to return to full life, restoring the integrity of the dentition. Legacy implants have their own characteristics, to consider when choosing the best option in each case:

  • in Legacy 1 included screw-cap forming the neck and the plastic container;
  • in Legacy 2 – the screw cap, the neck of the driver and the temporary Shuttle service (abutment);
  • in Legacy 3 – screw cap, the neck of the driver, a permanent abutment, fixation, transfer.

The third type is considered the most unique among all, as it has a variety of additional diameters are 3.2, 4.2 and 5.2 mm, which gives the possibility to use the implant in the crest of any width. And his thread, consisting of aggressive design gives you the opportunity to fix a design as possible.

Legacy considered one of the most best implants in the United States. In the clinic, "Doctor Zub" are used only high quality and safe implants from America, Germany and Israel. Among implants from the US the most popular company:

  • Legacy;
  • Biohorizons;
  • Nobel Biocar;
  • Bicon.

As you can see, our recommended implants are among the best in the world. Dental clinic "Doctor Zub" are skilled professionals who know all the details of selection and installation of implants of all types. Contact us and we will give your smile beauty and health!