Veneers Every man dreams to have a perfect smile, but in the modern world it is a kind of measure of success and gives confidence in any situation.

However, nature is not always smooth and we got white teeth, moreover, with age, the enamel of the teeth may darken, and the surfaces of the teeth to appear defects.

What is Hollywood veneers

The solution to the problem of nonideal smiles are Hollywood veneers (Lumineers). Its name they received due to the fact that their use made the smiles of many actors and Actresses in Hollywood perfect. They represent a special, very thin plates of 0.5 mm thickness, which are mounted on front teeth with a special adhesive. This makes the smile aesthetic, while maintaining the natural appearance of teeth. Such veneers without grinding are installed without damaging the enamel. They are ideal for sensitive teeth and serve as an additional factor in their protection. Hollywood veneers price in Kiev are quite high, as are made directly in America. This is one of the most expensive services of aesthetic dentistry. However, contrary to what Hollywood veneers cost are high, their quality and the guarantee of use of 20 years quite justify it.

In our clinic, we are pleased to offer you to become the owner of the Hollywood smile, the price for Ukraine which we have one of the best.

Other types of veneers

A more budget option are porcelain veneers, which are made on the ground a dental technician using a dental impression. The thickness of such plates is about 1.5 mm, and in order to put the veneers of this type, you first need to grind the tooth surface. It is affordable, quick and widely employed method that allows to make the teeth perfect. Limitation for the use of this option is high sensitivity. These pads will last you at least 15 years, you will be required to comply with some simple rules.

It should be noted that the installation of micro-prosthetics of new generation do not want to grind the enamel.

On the question of whether to put the veneer in your case, is best answered by the dentist after a detailed inspection. However, installing veneers is not recommended if you have:

  • malocclusion;
  • increased abrasion of tooth enamel;
  • the lack of "sixes", "sevens";
  • extreme hobby;
  • destruction of the inner part of the tooth;
  • the significant size of the seal on the inner surface.

Veneers crooked teeth can correct them and completely solve the problem if the severity of it is moderate. This method was successfully applied to minor crowding, moderate curvatures, the presence of tooth gaps.

What teeth to put veneers?

The retail install on one or a few crooked teeth according to the indications, also they are most often placed in the frontal region.

How to put veneers?

This procedure takes place in two stages. First you need to prepare the teeth for installation of lining, to produce hygienic cleaning, to grind part of the enamel, to prepare the molds. The second step is already direct veneers.