Braces First and foremost, meeting with people, we are attracted by the smile on their face. And than she is more beautiful, the more features on chat and get acquainted with the man.

But, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of beautiful straight teeth. In that case, don't get upset, because this problem can be easily solved in our clinical center "Doctor Zub", in which the best doctors put braces on teeth painlessly and professionally. This procedure will make your smile flawless and gives you more attractive and confident person. Orthodontics today can perfectly fix incorrect position of the teeth.

So, the bracket system involves a fixed orthodontic appliance designed for quick and quality bite correction, and changes the position of the teeth, due to this, your teeth will be healthy, perfectly smooth and beautiful.

A variety of orthodontic appliances

Our clinic offers a huge range of orthodontic systems, from components of the best quality of your choice.

Placement highlight:


  1. Vestibular (external). They are fixed on the outer side of the teeth.
  2. Lingual bracket system. Designed for the inner side of the teeth.

The type of mounting system are:

  1. Ligature. Secured with a lock ring.
  2. Self-ligating bracket system. Fixed to the latch, which is mounted in the braces.

Production material:

  • metal braces (at the client's request plating gold);
  • ceramic bracket system;
  • sapphire bracket system;

The doctors of our dental centre use only modern products most popular brands.

How is the installation of the braces in the clinic, "Doctor Zub"

Specialists perform the following procedures:

    1. Preliminary examination:
      • diagnostic examination using x-rays and other apparatuses;
      • dental;
      • examination of the muscles and joints.

After that, the doctor thinks further treatment plan, and chooses the best for you staples.

  1. Preparation of the oral cavity. At this stage, if necessary, carried out comprehensive treatment of diseases of the oral cavity (caries, extractions, cleaning of dental plaque and other treatments).
  2. The actual treatment. After the previous steps, there is the manufacture of braces and install it. After the device is attached, and is subject to regular examination for periodic adjustment. The treatment period lasts about a year.
  3. The recovery phase. The last and final phase, which is a special procedure, intended to secure the result.

Braces If you have any questions about bracket systems and how it is setup at our dental centre – just call us and we will be happy to give the answer.

Trust us not only Kyiv, but other cities, because we have good service, quality materials, guaranteed results at an affordable price. And most importantly – we love our customers!