Biohorizons (USA) The problem of missing teeth is often addressed by a method of implantation, the most advanced and effective dental method of restoring functions of the oral cavity.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant consists of two elements:

  • the implant introduced in the jaw bone and looks like a bolt;
  • abatman fixed on the implant with wearing a crown that replaces the lost tooth.

For each patient a very important quality of a dentist's work and the materials from which dentures are made.

Biohorizons implants company (USA)

Medical center "Doctor Zub" offers patients bioimplant leading manufacturers, flawlessly proven in the dental surgery. This applies to materials Biohorizons (USA), used in dental implantology and maxillofacial surgery.

Today the American firm Вiohorizons is the most popular on the market of dental implants, dentures and crowns. Thanks to its products received the maximum effect in managing the complex curvatures of the growth of teeth, correction of abnormalities in the formation of occlusion. Also solved other problems of orthodontics.

The advantages of bioimplants company Biohorizons

Bioimplant company Biohorizons have the following advantages:

  1. Вiohorizon implants are made exclusively from high quality material plated with speckom "Laser-Lok", allowing the soft gum tissue as quickly as possible to adapt and not to cause trouble while chewing food.
  2. Due to the tapered shape of the inserted implant implantation is carried out after removal of the tooth, and pressure on other teeth is evenly distributed.
  3. Secure fastening of the crown to the implant body (screw) due to the hexagonal connection provides a strong fixation of an artificial tooth. The manufacture of the screw takes place by means of Spiral Lock technology.
  4. Special thread biohorizon implants gives the opportunity to carry out the installation bioimplant even thinned to the bone without surgery. Thus there is a uniform load distribution on the remaining nearby teeth.
  5. Durable fusion bioimplant with bone in a short time thanks to special treatment tapered implant with calcium phosphate, which gives it a certain roughness and unevenness.
  6. The process of adjusting to the new implant occurs relatively quickly, indicating that the quality of prosthetic material.
  7. Biohorizons provides warranty for all their products.
  8. Decent quality at an affordable price for most of the population of Ukraine, who want to eliminate the problem of missing teeth.

The highly skilled dentists of the medical center "Doctor Zub" to ensure his patients quality implants Biohorizons bioimplants if you experience problems with the oral cavity.