Konus k3pro German implants Konus k3pro is the highest level products. For over twenty years the firm Konus Dental Implants produces a variety of dental products, generously supplying her markets throughout the world. High quality, best materials and modern technology are what distinguish German products from any other similar. In addition, their installation is not particularly complicated, and the operational life is always durable and reliable.

Distinguish two main types of systems:

  • Rapid – have self-tapping threads and is perfect for almost any assignment. This system is optimal for restore the integrity of the upper dentition, since it has the least risk of a particular injury and the ability to regulation. This means that the doctor can control the direction of screwing.
  • Sure has a compression thread. Due to the extended surface, the implant has the best resistance, and thanks to the latest techniques it minimizes the process of destruction of bone tissue in the period after operations. This system is also perfect for all indications.

    If to speak about the thickness and length of the device, both indicators are determined on the basis of the recommendations and doctor's prescriptions.

Why Konus k3pro

Like any other products, implants Konus k3pro have a number of advantages that distinguish them among other similar. These include:

  1. An exceptional quality, which is ensured through the use of proven materials. Implants have high strength and resistance, and thus a sufficiently long period of operation.
  2. Use only medical titanium does not cause allergic reactions, with no contraindications.
  3. A comfortable design.
  4. Reliable installation to ensure a stable position of the implant, and the regulation of its provisions.

At the same time, products of Konus k3pro has a number of disadvantages. Namely: high cost (however it is fully justified by the quality), and complexity (because conduct can only highly skilled). In addition, quite often can occur the rejection of the implant for one simple reason – failure to comply with all the technologies and rules for its implementation in the oral cavity.

Most modern implant systems have almost the same characteristics: all made of the same material, are hypoallergenic and are quickly accepted by the body. Therefore important role is played by the professionalism of the doctor who performed the surgery, because of his experience and qualifications and on the successful result.