Splinting of teeth Certainly, not everyone knows what is dental splinting, and when the doctor offers the procedure to the child, the parents lost. So what is this treatment? Often, as a consequence of various diseases, the child's teeth have become excessively mobile, which is not the norm. Splinting of teeth with periodontitis is one of the most effective methods of preserving them.


The whole point of this treatment is aimed to bond the teeth the splint keeps them and does not allow to fall. Probably the most effective effect which brings the result even in difficult and complicated situations is a cable-stayed splinting. On the rear surface is the strong thread of special materials and it is attached to the teeth. From an aesthetic point of view it looks as well – the bus is hidden in the groove along the perimeter of the teeth, and the top all covered with a seal, which is similar in color to the tooth enamel. Thus natural mobility of the teeth, inherent nature, does not suffer this method makes it possible to avoid dental problems in the future.


Reasons to use this procedure




  • violation of dentition due to injury or illness;
  • congenital abnormality in the arrangement of the teeth;
  • increased bleeding gums and complex disease of the oral cavity (periodontitis, parodontosis, etc.);
  • the peculiar structure of the gums (deep pockets);
  • too much fouling in the root zone;
  • exposed roots of the tooth.




The procedure of splinting is very responsible, the materials are selected individually.


Splinting of teeth with a broken jaw apply to the full recovery of the patient. This is a removable technique and, as a rule, materials are plastic and metal.


As practical experience shows dentists, to fully consolidate the effect there is nothing better than splinting of teeth after braces. In cases where tooth mobility is increased, to wear a splint have to constantly.


Splinting of teeth Splinting of mobile teeth, in addition to strength, is also the most aesthetic method and does not spoil a smile, because the tire is hidden behind the dental arch. Sometimes there are cases when it is difficult to find a better method.


Increasingly used method of teeth splinting Steklovolokno tape. The benefits of this type not only in aesthetics (the tape is very close in color to tooth enamel), and also in a low price.


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