Nobel Biocare (USA) Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile. But, unfortunately, teeth do not regenerate. For a long time the only way to restore lost teeth was dentures. But now there's a new, progressive method, which with success are used by dentists all over the world. Now this service became available to us. We are talking about implantation.

What is the implant?

It's a design resembling a tooth root. Made of titanium, because of this it does not cause allergic reactions. Consists of:

  • titanium root, like a rod;
  • special supragingival part, which then will be attached to the prosthesis. It is called the abutment.

The implant company Nobel use a special dual thread, which accelerates the healing process.

What is implantation?

Dental implants – an alternative to prosthetics. The meaning of implantation in the jawbone introduced a special pivot – pin. He will play the role of the root. After engraftment is established the crown.

A world leader in the manufacturing of dental implants is a firm Nobel. Due to excellent quality, its products are very popular. Most often, implant Nobel used when the bone deficiency.

Properties of implants

Production company Nobel has some peculiarities. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • implant Nobel biocare perfectly integrated into the tooth tissue;
  • every implant Nobel securely protected against forgery;
  • structural features of the implant, Nobel accelerate the process of implantation, while decreasing the injury to the bone tissue;
  • a wide range of implants company Nobel for application in different cases.

To date, the product catalogue of the company includes more than a dozen types of Nobel implants, which have their own characteristics and installation recommendations.

Each variety of implant has its own color, which greatly simplifies the work of the doctor.

How is the installation

Nobel dental implant occurs in stages:

  • a preliminary examination of the sanitation of the oral cavity;
  • the diagnosis of the problem;
  • the installation of the implant and then the abutment;
  • installation of special crowns to form the shape of the gums;
  • the installation of permanent crowns.

Advantages of implants

Products , Nobel biocare has many advantages, which distinguish it from other manufacturers. Note basic:

  • the stability of the structure;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • the possibility of subsequent individual fitting.

Many dental clinics offer services of dental implants nobel.

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