Medical insurance is one of the types of insurance involving medical care in any medical institution. Insurance makes medicine more accessible and cheaper.

What are the benefits of having health insurance?

Dental services under the health insurance If the policy can be:

  • to sign up and come for a consultation with a doctor;
  • to receive treatment in a hospital;
  • to buy some medicines;
  • to be treated on an outpatient basis.

Moreover, health insurance gives you the opportunity for some free dental services in the treatment and prosthetics.

That also includes dental coverage?

Dental health insurance allows the patient to go to a dental institution to obtain medical care. Financial losses resulting from such treatment will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Different types of insurance include a certain range of dental services, which depends on the cost of the insurance policy.

There are 2 types of insurance:

  • adult;
  • children.

Before you go to the clinic to the dentist is necessary to clarify the list of services provided by the clinic under the insurance policy. If some services do not exist in the list, such procedures are paid under a separate tariff.

Where to buy an insurance policy?

Today insurance dentistry in Ukraine is not required, but it may be used by any citizen. Acquisition policy is not difficult. Contacting any insurance company, you will be able to register and get insurance in a matter of minutes.

Dental services under the health insurance The insurance package typically includes:

  • emergency dentist;
  • therapeutic services in the Department of stomatology;
  • prosthetics;
  • prevention of dental diseases.

Companies specializing in health insurance, constantly monitor dental clinics and polyclinics, and it is very professionally oriented in an optimum relationship of price ranges and quality of service.

The benefits of dental insurance

The advantage of having an insurance policy is:

  1. Confidence of the patient in paying for dental services without much hassle.
  2. Ease of use in any hospital in the Ukraine.
  3. The selection of the insurance company, which will answer all the wishes and requirements of the client with orientation to the optimal ratio of price policy and quality of service.
  4. The possibility of obtaining dental care without queues at any convenient time for the patient.
  5. The quality control provided by the clinic of medical services by the insurer. In the case of poor or unsatisfactory provision of patient medical care on the part of the dentist, his interests is to defend an insurance company.
  6. Dental insurance excludes the provision of services at inflated or unreasonable cost in commercial clinics.

Medical center "Doctor Zub" provides a wide range of services to their patients who have the insurance policy of various insurance companies of Ukraine. After all the formalities of clearance services according to your insurance, the patient is given quality care by qualified dentists MC "Doctor Zub".