Treatment and prevention of dental caries The dental caries – a complex multilevel disease characterized by gradual destruction of the enamel, up to the root. Such destruction is often painful for the patient, because it significantly increases the level of sensitivity. Man can not eat cold, hot. the Treatment and prevention of dental caries is a process that requires a lot of effort and money from both the doctor and the patient. So the approach to it should be responsible, complex. The difficulty is one of the most cleaning the caries with special tools, and then treatment will avoid the formation of new problem areas.

Types of decay

Dental caries is a disease that causes a huge possibility of tooth loss at an early age.

There are several main types of the disease:

  • lose the cervix of the tooth itself;
  • caries of the tooth root;
  • lose the upper part of the tooth
  • root caries.
Treatment and prevention of dental caries Any dental disease itself is unpleasant, but if we are talking about tooth decay, vrement treatment impossible. If you go to the dentist on time, it is possible to cure tooth decay without drilling. This is the most gentle method when the treatment is not applied in any way aggressive methods. Simple tips to wash only the affected part of the enamel, and then superimposed a new layer that protects the base of the tooth from the acid environment. Also popular as a very gentle method is treatment of tooth decay with a laser. But there are disadvantages. The laser is used only under the condition that affected no more than 30% of the tooth, without damaging the layer underneath the enamel, root. When caries of the neck of the tooth the method of laser treatment is not actually is applicable only in exceptional cases.

Food that we eat affects all organs and systems. This also applies to teeth. With frequent absorption of acidic, corrosive foods caries prevention is just required.

Because of too spicy, salty foods may occur deep decay, is the only comprehensive treatment in several stages.
  1. tooth Preparation, inspection to determine the percentage of healthy/affected, identification of comorbidities.
  2. Gradual clearing, drying of the tooth in the damaged area, preparation for the intervention.
  3. Treatment of secondary caries. may point to a medical technique of applying physical influence.
  4. Care for a damaged tooth, rinse, vitamins, lotions for strengthening the gums.
  5. Check the other teeth for signs of initial karatnogo disease.

If you do not pay attention to recurring toothache, there is a possibility of losing perfectly healthy teeth. For a consultation with a dentist is recommended to come at least once in 3-4 months for a comprehensive examination of the oral cavity. It is worth to note that to encourage the development of root caries perhaps even frequent occurrence GREW, colds, meningitis. The microbes living in the oral cavity, destroying the protective enamel layer, causing irreparable damage to the teeth. Because by itself, the enamel has no tendency to regenerate.

Take care of your health!