In today's world it is very important to have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, nobody at first sight falls in love with our rich inner world. But you can easily make anyone to fall in love with your the snow-white beautiful smile and hit everyone with the perfection of your teeth.

Clinic «Dr. Tooth» provides quality dental services in Kyiv, among them the professional oral hygiene. This procedure has long been totally painless and comfortable for the patient, as a result of bringing only a pleasant sensation. Moreover, thanks to modern equipment and professionalism of our doctors, it takes no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Our hygiene practices are:

  • ultrasonic cleaning teeth

  • mechanical cleaning with the use of therapeutic toothpastes

  • teeth cleaning with Air Flowsystem

  • laser teeth whitening

Take care of the health and beauty of your teeth, as white smile – your best business card!

Fast pace of life, bad habits, smoking, coffee, food colors – all this has a negative impact on the beauty and health of our teeth. As a result, unpleasant yellowing enamel and permanent lack of fresh breath and complexes makes us smile less and less outside world. Professionals of clinic «Dr. Tooth» will help  maintain the health of your teeth for years to come and fill life with the beauty of snow-white smile.

Rather unpleasant mechanical cleaning, our specialists use professional Air Flow system, , which does not damage the gums and preserves the integrity of the tooth enamel. Special solution of water and an abrasive agent, under strong pressure applied to the surface of teeth, carefully cleaning them and returning their natural whiteness.

Most often the basis of the abrasive is sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda usual. Due to this procedure is the most safe and carries no risk to human health. Dimensions soda crystals are very small, do not damage tooth enamel and perfectly clean the surface of the tooth. But the use of such abrasive provides only superficial cleaning, without getting into more complex areas, so does not guarantee the maximum oral health. Besides soda has a sufficiently high level of abrasiveness, so to carry out hygienic procedures with its use can be no more than twice a year.

In work, the specialists of the clinic «Dr. Tooth» are using advanced preventive powder Clinpro™, which is more efficient and ensures the most thrifty cleaning teeth.

In comparison with conventional powders or powders of sodium bicarbonate, calcium prophylactic powder Clinpro™ has significantly less abrasive effect on enamel and dentin. Dental plaque safely removed without damage to the tissues, including the root tissue. Due to the low abrasive powder Clinpro enables conducts the procedure of professional tooth cleaning more than two times a year and ensures your teeth constant feeling of purity and freshness.

It should be noted that the Air Flow – это не отбеливание зубов, а их очистка, is not whitening, and their purification, as a result of which only the teeth and improved group recovers its natural color.

For a perfect white teeth clinic «Dr. Tooth» holds traditional and laser whitening,which resulted in, your smile will be envied even Hollywood.

before after

Unfortunately, conventional treatments have a number of drawbacks, the main of which is the use of complex chemical bleaches. Delivering perfect teeth whiteness, they strongly enamel damage that can result in its destruction.

To prevent such problems, as an alternative to the chemical bleach, it is now widely used whitening with laser tehnolgy, which is absolutely safe and does not disturb the integrity of the tooth. This procedure provides a natural white color of the teeth without damaging the enamel and preserve their beauty for a long time.

Also, for a deep cleaning and removing hard dental plaque, we use ultrasonic cleaning, which allow you to quickly and with minimal risk to achieve maximum purity teeth.