Medical Implant System (Israel) The company Medical Implant System (Israel) has existed since 1995 and is today one of the most popular manufacturers of implants, which are used in Europe and America. Each year, the company MIS produces about two million units, making it the world leader in the field of implantology. MIS implants successfully sold in over 70 countries through a distribution network. In Israel, the company MIS is 60% on the dental market. In addition, the company manufactures tools for the prosthesis installation, what guarantees an individual approach to the client. Every year more than a million sets of implants. Today it is the most successful invention to restore lost teeth. Thanks to modern technology the recovery requires only a few days. Care implants installed is the same as for healthy teeth.

The manufacturer gives 5 years guarantee on dentures. In case of rejection it will be replaced free of charge.

Features products

MIS implants are different:

  • Strength. They are made of strong medical titanium, in some models of dentures is also used Zirconia, plastic and even gold.
  • Durability. They have a great outer layer, not conflicting with the bones, easy vivaldis.
  • Aesthetics. When correctly installed, the MIS implants are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth.

MIS implants are the most authoritative certificate in the world, issued by the Agency that controls the quality of products and medicines in USA. In Implant System employs a staff of engineers working to improve the quality of the product.

Model number MIS

There are many types of implants are MIS, and each has its own features:

  • MIS Biocom. Model cylindrical shape with a wide thread. Well get used to the bone. The consolidation is carried out or in 1 or in 2 stages.
  • MIS Seven. The most versatile model. Due to three spiral channels, and the compression thread can be implanted in a bone of any hardness.
  • MIS Lance. Option, having a conical shape and a maximum speed of installation, preventing injury and overheating the bone.
  • M4 – implant with a flat base, ideal for fixing into loose bones.
  • UNO one – piece implant (is a connected intraosseous portion and the tip-abutment), designed for installation in a narrow bone.

MIS dental implants can replace one or several teeth. They come in diameters from 3.3 mm to 6 mm and lengths from 8 mm to 16 mm. Each prosthesis has its own packaging and serial number that indicates a quality guarantee and protection against forgeries.

With dental implants, using several methods:

  • one-stage implantation;
  • the two-step procedure;
  • transgingival implantation.

However, in most cases, the operation takes place in two stages.

  • direct installation of implants;
  • discovery.

Today prosthetic Medical Implant System gaining popularity in Ukraine among dentists and their patients.