Implantology today is a real salvation for people who, for various reasons, faced the problem of the loss of natural teeth. The rapidly developing in recent years, the use of intraosseous dental implants has become very popular and has already donated thousands of people with a rich, full life smiles.

Install the implant is a procedure for the introduction of a foreign body in the patient's bone. Therefore it is very important that no construction has taken root rejections and long served as a person, without creating additional discomfort. This type of work is very difficult and, of course, here are the main experience of physicians, a detailed diagnosis of the problem and the availability of high-quality tools.

In our clinic we use both classic and new, cross-sectional   methods of implantation

Install the implant takes place in several stages::

  1. Overall assessment of the body.
  2. Preparation of the oral cavity to the operation.
  3. Just install the implant.
  4. Installing the abutment (a special element for subsequent mounting of the prosthesis on it).
  5. Impression from both jaws for manufacturing prosthesis.

At every stage of our doctors closely monitor patients and develop an individual treatment plan for each individual case. In our arsenal there are about 10 modern implant systems from manufacturers makes it special care to approach the problem of each patient.


Implantology in Dr.Toth this is:

  •   3 price segment FOR OUR CLIENTS;
  •   10 systems from different manufacturers;
  •   4 doctors with experience implantology more then 6 years;


Price segments



The cost of one implant, together with the installation of our clinic is:

  • Economy:   from 3000 to 4000 uah.  
  • Business:    from 5200 to 8200 uah.      
  • Premium:   from 11500 to 12000 uah.

Dental implants in Kiev, usually involves 1-2 implant system and use them to work with all patients. This is due to the fact that each system provides a unique set of tools and professional abilities for its correct installation, which requires additional costs from the clinic and training. This approach is very economical and allows the doctor to examine the ideal given to him 1 or 2 system. But the small number of implant systems do not allow selection for the patient and does not guarantee the success of the operation.

Specialists Clinic «Dr. Tooth»  " is used in the work of about 10 implant systems from well-known foreign manufacturers, including the system:

Such a large selection system allows you to individually choose the implant for each patient, focusing on the physiology and structure of its bones, as well as taking into account the wishes of its value.

Turning to us for help, you'll get expert advice and a professional assessment of your teeth. After a detailed diagnosis of our specialists will develop an individualized treatment plan, and will select the most suitable implant system.

All the tools we use is certified by the relevant international practice and is completely safe to use. We guarantee the highest quality of our services, after which you will again feel comfortable and confident in any situation.