Treatment and prevention of dental caries in children Many parents know that the most common reason to consult the dentist with your child is baby tooth decay. It is a mistake to consider this disease in children with something that is insignificant. Despite the fact that soon the teeth will be replaced in the mouth of a child, this infection will spread like lightning and hit all the healthy teeth, including those that have changed. From timely treatment of dental caries in children directly affects the health of the teeth and the whole oral cavity in adulthood.

Prevention of the disease

Of course you need to remember about compliance with measures for the prevention of dental caries of deciduous teeth, and in this matter very much depends on parents, who must teach the child daily activities for the prevention of diseases in the oral cavity. In addition, it is necessary to regularly load the gums to provide adequate circulation to gnaw carrots and apples, cabbage and squash.

However, it is not necessary to believe that quality of daily brushing your teeth twice a day and fruit is the panacea. There are many factors which not always can be influenced, for example, heredity. How to be in a situation when, despite all parental efforts, the child still appears tooth decay?

A special approach to the treatment of young visitors

Childhood caries, as an adult, requires immediate therapy. Only in those cases where a tooth with a hole is already growing a new one, it makes no sense and produce removal. If the tooth is not loose - it requires treatment.

Types of tooth decay in children:

  • surface;
  • medium;
  • deep.

Of course, it is best not to start the development of caries, and to provide treatment at the earliest stages. If a child under the age of two there were dark spots on the teeth, you should assume baby bottle tooth decay, which occurs as a result of the daily meal in the evening and at night – the mouth isn't cleaned from bacteria, and they multiply, gradually leading to the disease.

In cases where the baby does not have enough vitamins and minerals, can develop a circular caries, which affects the cervix of the tooth. All this requires immediate treatment to the dentist! It is quite clear that to persuade the child for treatment when he faces the drill is very problematic. It is for this designed with latest techniques treatment of primary teeth without a drill alternative.

It can be:

Treatment and prevention of dental caries in children
  • silver;
  • remineralization;
  • ozone therapy;
  • depoforez;
  • photodynamic therapy.

Pediatric dentist, in addition to good knowledge and high professionalism, must have the talent of a psychologist, after all, how will the first treatment of milk teeth, the child will form its own perception of this process on the rest of your life. If the procedure was completed without pain, the next time a young patient will visit the doctor with pleasure.

Painless and quality dental treatment in children is the main priority in the work of our dentists. Doctors of medical center "Doctor Zub" are making every effort and use all the knowledge to make the procedure of treatments, after which the child will visit the dentist again.

High professionalism, excellent knowledge and great experience – all these qualities are inherent in the dental medical center "Doctor Zub". Take care of the dental health of your kids from early childhood!