Inflammation of the soft inner tissues of the tooth is called pulpitis. It can be recognized in reaction to changes in temperature and worse at night pain. Often the pathology ends with the removal of the tooth. With timely start of the treatment of pulpitis the situation can be corrected.

The cause of the inflammation:

    Treatment and prevention of pulpitis
  • carious lesions;
  • gum disease;
  • cracks in the teeth;
  • error doctor;
  • trauma
  • burns, for example, when grinding with violation of technology.

There are cases of infection through blood.

Fight inflammation

The key methods of therapy include:

  1. Conservative method is used if diseases of the pulp are reversible. This can be done by preserving its functional load after the injury. The cavity can be treated with antiseptic agents, antibiotics, protease for cleavage of peptide bonds.
  2. A surgical method. Removal of pulp and filling the tooth. It can be done in two ways:
    • vital, or to be performed under General or under local anaesthetic;
    • devital method of treatment of pulpitis: after complete removal of the nerve.
Treatment and prevention of pulpitis Sometimes used approach, in which the nerve is removed completely. This most often occurs if the channel has a complex structure or there is a foreign body. Delayed treatment inflammation may lead to disruption of the integrity of the internal dental ligaments, the death of the pulp. In addition, it may be chronic fibrous pulpitis. Treatment it is only by surgical intervention. Several visits to the dental centre enough for the final solution of the problem.

There may be slight pain after depulpatsii. When professionally performed procedure all passes through a couple of days.

Pulpitis in children

The treatment of pulpitis of temporary teeth – an important point. The disease often occurs in children and is associated with:
  1. with a thin layer of enamel and dentine;
  2. small mineralization of dentin;
  3. a fast onset of inflammatory processes;
  4. loose fibrous tissue and a wide root channels.
There are some difficulties in the solution of children's problems due to the complexity of diagnosis. More common baby inflammation, converts to a running stage due to invisible leaks in primary forms.

To follow the oral cavity is necessary with the appearance of the first milk teeth, as any complications can lead to problems with permanent.

Preventive measures

The cost of treatment of pulpitis depends on the degree of the disease. To save money, is to do prevention. You need to follow the simple rules of daily hygiene :
  1. to clean the teeth and tongue;
  2. to use the mouthwash twice a day;
  3. rinse your mouth with warm boiled water after meals;
  4. to regularly use dental floss;
  5. to visit the dentist every six months;
  6. eat foods that contain calcium, fluoride and vitamin C;
  7. stop Smoking.
Prevention can also help. This:
  1. dental cleaning
  2. fluoridation.

The treatment of pulpitis will be more effective if timely seek medical advice.