Laser teeth whitening The presence of a dazzling white smile is an essential element and the key to a healthy, successful and attractive person. To buy it recommended the use of laser teeth whitening. This modern technique under the strict guidance of experienced professionals at our clinic combines a high safety and efficacy.

The method is a chemical process in which gel is used with the presence of the oxidant which is added the action of laser beams, forcing him to release oxygen. The latter penetrates the enamel and removes dark pigments that have accumulated there. Laser whitening is somewhat similar to photobleaching, but the first option uses laser beams and there is a separate treatment of each tooth within a few minutes.

What are the stages of teeth whitening laser?

On the recommendations of dentists before the procedure, you should definitely spend getting rid of Tartar and plaque. So you can guarantee effective results for years to come.

With laser teeth otbelivanie in Kiev the session lasts about 30 minutes and consists of the following steps:

  1. Protection of the mucous membrane and gums with the film.
  2. The application of bleaching activator in the form of oxidizer.
  3. Individual processing of each tooth with the laser beam.

For how long will be the positive result depends on individual lifestyle of each person and the observance of all recommendations of doctors.

Laser teeth whitening Decay the teeth the laser, at least at first, refrain from eating wine, tea and coffee and also Smoking. Toothbrush use the products of high quality, possessing a bleaching action. It is also possible to re-do the procedure if you for the first time the result was not satisfied.

What are the advantages of teeth whitening with a laser?

The use of laser teeth whitening at a low price is possible in our clinic. With this you get a lot of advantages, which are:

  • guarantee safety and a great result with no pain;
  • short term performance (half an hour);
  • the exception of damage to teeth and gums;
  • to eliminate all kinds of pigment spots of any color;
  • individual selection of all the components and intensity.

Throughout the whole process of zoom teeth whitening you will be under the supervision of an experienced physician who complies with all technical standards.

Limitations to this procedure are that the man didn't have tooth decay or inflammation in the oral cavity. I do not advise her to breast-feeding and pregnant women, and persons who have not attained 18 years of age and those who are allergic to substances with the presence of the oxidant.

We have the cost of laser teeth whitening fully meet the expectations of customers. She also makes this procedure available to everyone. Using innovative techniques to give yourself an attractive and white smile with no harm for health will not be easy. Our specialists are always ready to help everyone on the way to a happy and beautiful life!