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Fluoridation of teeth Tooth fluoridation is one of the most popular treatments to strengthen enamel. This service in our clinic is completely painless and safe. It consists of coating the teeth with the mix in the form of varnishes or solutions which contain in their composition fluoride.

It allows to make the teeth more resistant to the action of bacteria in the acid environment and slow down the formation of dental caries for a long time. If the tooth decay is already present, then it is advisable to cure him, and then carry out strengthening. The use of this procedure regularly will allow you to avoid its occurrence, and an acceptable cost of fluoride treatment of teeth in our clinic does not make you long to hesitate over making the right decision.

When do I need to do fluoridation?

Most of our patients need the application of enamel on teeth, because everyone wants to protect themselves from the recurrence of caries. However, the strengthening of tooth enamel brings only positive effects and never hurt anyone. But there are several cases when this procedure is inevitable:

  • hypersensitivity of the teeth;
  • damage and vulnerability of the enamel;
  • frequent caries formation.

Still use this procedure mandatory is the installation of braces. Also, it is possible to avoid lack of fluoride and other minerals during teething or the change of children's teeth. Fluoridation of milk teeth – the key to a healthy mouth for your child. After the treatment the dentist will be much less and painless.

What are the types of fluorination of the teeth?

This procedure can be performed in two ways:

  • simple;
  • deep.
In the first embodiment, the teeth are coated with a special solution containing fluorine, or impose on them a diagnostic wax-filled drugs with fluoride. To achieve the desired effect, such procedure should be done several times.

With deep fluoridation on the teeth forms a special protective layer that increases their strength and prevents the calcium leached. Using this method is much more effective, and more reliable, as the tooth enamel is completely filled with fluorine and calcium that makes teeth stronger by several times. Still this service does not need to perform very often.

Before the procedure, our clinic performs preparatory work consisting of cleaning plaque from the teeth and the spaces between them, to drain them a stream of warm air and then processing and the application of the desired compounds.

We offer any method of fluorination of the teeth at an affordable price, so everyone can find what suits him.

What are the advantages of fluorination of the teeth?

This procedure does not entail any negative consequences, on the contrary, it has many advantages:

Fluoridation of teeth
  • reduction of caries several times;
  • getting rid of hypersensitivity of the teeth;
  • normalization of the oral mucosa;
  • the increase in hardness of tooth enamel;
  • the increase of service life all seals.

After fluorination of the teeth in children and adults do not need to abandon their traditional way of life and adhere to particular rules or modes. Specialists of the clinic "Dr. teeth" will help to make your teeth stable is easy and secure. Contact us and see for yourself!

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