детский стоматолог

Teeth inspection of your child needs, but you do not know how to persuade him to trek to the clinic? Pediatric Dentistry in Kiev,  «Dr. Tooth» will help dispel the myth of the terrible dentist and your child will become a real friend, not the worst enemy.

For our's youngest patients, we offer::

  • plastic bridle for toddlers from 2 months of age;

  • painless removal of milk teeth;

  • treatment of caries;

  • prompt alignment of teeth.

Kiev Children's dentist of our clinic creates favorable conditions for young patients entertained with toys and gives a nice little presents for their patience and courage. Before the procedure, we will hold the psychological preparation for your child and try to do everything that would be dental event was easy and painless. 

 Children's dentist of Kiev will make a campaign to the dentist an adventure, but not punishment!