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The key to successful treatment of these unpleasant diseases, leading to the loss of perfectly healthy teeth, will be correct and timely diagnosis, allowing to recognize their early symptoms. The latest development in this field is the diagnostic system Florida Probe, which was developed by American scientists in conjunction with practicing specialists periodontists. It allows you to thoroughly examine the patient's gums and records a detailed result in electronic form. The procedure for diagnosing the condition of periodontal disease or, as it is also called, the periodontist with the Florida Probe system is completely painless and lasts no more than half an hour. But its results, supported by x-ray photographs, will have 100% accuracy.

Metal ceramic crowns are one of the most popular types of prostheses used in modern dentistry for full and partial restoration of the dentition. Metal-ceramic prosthesis does not externally differ from natural teeth, but they are more resistant to the influence of food dyes and microorganisms, so they retain color for a long time, not darkening and not being exposed to plaque formation. Nevertheless, cermet teeth require no less care than natural teeth - only under this condition they will serve for a long time, without losing aesthetics and strength.

Fragility of teeth is one of the most common and most serious dental problems that require prompt resolution. Ignoring the symptoms of increased brittleness of the teeth threatens the occurrence of serious dental integrity disorders, the restoration of which may require implantation or full prosthetics of the teeth.

Sealing is one of the most sparing methods for restoring the integrity of damaged teeth. The invention of new composite materials has made this method also aesthetic, thanks to which it is now possible to install seals even on the front teeth, without worrying that the seal will spoil your smile.

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