Silver teeth Silvering milk teeth – treatment in the early phase of dental caries when use of silver products. We are talking about a special substance (AgNO3), which has a disinfecting effect. It has a bactericidal action and forms a film of insoluble salts of silver. These drugs stop the formation of dental caries. This allows you to keep the first teeth to their natural replacement at the root.

The procedure is that the tooth is covered well purified substance with silver, and more specifically nitrate with a concentration of 30%, and wait a while. After this, the solution is removed. Do it with a regular cotton swab, making the procedure completely painless and lasts only a few minutes. Usually silvering milk teeth do three times with a certain gap (2 to 7 days). There are times when you want to have about 5 treatments in a year.

Perform the procedure when silvering teeth

The child can recommend to perform the plating under:

  • softened and thinned enamel with visible chips and cracks;
  • the occurrence of an early caries (white spots);
  • increased susceptibility of tooth enamel (reaction to sour and sweet foods, as well as on changes in temperature);
  • identified the deficiency of fluoride in the body.

Main stage

Silver teeth in kids includes only two stages. First, plaque is removed from the surface. After that, apply the medication silver. This operation requires a preliminary medical examination to determine the stage of caries. To perform the silver plating is better in the dental office, since no special equipment to professionally clean a clove of the baby is impossible, and only a qualified specialist can carry out carefully the silver plating without causing the child pain.

The advantages of the procedure:

  • Speed and ease. The procedure only takes a few minutes, thus completely eliminating the need for the use of the drill, and there is no need to resort to pain medication.
  • The use of natural material that eliminates harmful impurities and toxic substances, and various allergens.
  • Stop the process of dental caries at an early stage.
  • This method is suitable for small children.
  • Affordable price.

Milk teeth of a child is quite fragile, and therefore susceptible to caries. Besides, there are many causes of the disease, e.g., heredity, poor diet, improper care of the oral cavity or stressful situation of the mother during pregnancy. Caries in children of early age usually progresses rapidly, which leads to tooth loss. It can become the basis of the occurrence of dental problems in adulthood. It is therefore essential to stop the progression of the disease as early as possible to save the teeth before the time of natural change.Because not all young children are capable of safely withstand the drilling and subsequent sealing, and silvering is a procedure, which without any problems will hatch even restless baby.