Lumineers In modern dentistry there is a lot confusing at first glance concepts. And include such "Lumineers". They are thin porcelain veneers to the teeth. This kind of veneers, but with a slightly different design.

Positive and negative sides


  • Not cheap;
  • Teeth look longer than usual. This is due to lack of their turning.

But we should notice that these cons will not exceed the positive properties:

  • Can be installed without the dot at the teeth;
  • Short period of installation;
  • No anesthetic is necessary;
  • Over time, the color remains the same;
  • Reduces the risk of tooth decay;
  • The lack of sensitivity of the cutters;
  • Aesthetics;
  • A long service life.

Lumineers When you put Lumineers

Reasons why you need to install Lumineers in Kiev:

  • To bring your teeth white;
  • To align the dentition;
  • To hide the gap between the incisors.
  • Eliminate the use of braces to align the teeth;
  • To eliminate the turning of the cutters;
  • Old stained fillings;
  • Of enamel erosion;
  • The presence of crowns on the front incisors.

The procedure for installing Lumineers

Placement of Lumineers procedure is completely painless. It consists of the following stages:

  1. A preparatory stage. Includes treatment if needed.
  2. Removing and making prints.
  3. The simulation of smiles client using a PC.
  4. The production of thin porcelain veneers.
  5. Fitting. Happens when you visit the dentist.
  6. Fixing it to the cutter, using a special adhesive substance.

Lumineers Possible risks

Before agreeing to this procedure should be convinced of the professionalism of your dentist. After all, if he allowed the slightest deviation during the operation, all will be useless. If you have gap, it will accumulate plaque. This will lead to irritation of the gums, and as a result, the occurrence of pain.

If you need the care

Experts recommend to adhere to certain conditions, to white plates on teeth as much as possible kept its original appearance:

  • Quality care for the oral cavity;
  • Not to split teeth nuts or other solid ingredients;
  • Visit the dentist regularly (twice a year).

Restrictions on the use of any products not.

Are there any contraindications

It is forbidden to put these pads to people who have:

  • A large change in the taste;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Pathologic dental abrasion;
  • Strong curvature of the cutters.

How expensive is the operation

The price of Lumineers is much higher than for veneers. Only your dentist will be able to give an exact figure once acquainted with the whole range of work. It all depends on:

  • Material dental onlays (ceramics, porcelain, zirconium);
  • Preparation of the oral cavity;
  • The production of casts;
  • Image dental clinics among other institutions;
  • The skill of the doctor;

But the smile can not save! It's not only the aesthetics of your smile but also your health!