Prosthetics Sadly, but the lost teeth grow anew. And the gaps in the dentition contribute to complications with malocclusion, maxillofacial joints, the digestive system. An urgent need to solve something! Prosthetics is the best solution to the problem. It is affordable and safe procedure.

In recent years, dentistry has leaped forward. Was the invention of new, modern methods in orthodontics, developed the technique of dental prosthetics, prices which are no longer shocked our fellow citizens, is the production of dental prostheses based on metal and ceramics, is being promoted implantation, allowing to fully restore the functionality of the jaw.

Varieties of methods of implementation of the procedure

There are several methods of dental prosthetics:

  1. Crowns – a method familiar to many, is the donning of the ceramic "case" for the damaged tooth is prepared accordingly.
  2. "Bridges" on the basis of sintered metal – the same crown, but United in one row to replace the missing tooth is fixed to the neighboring teeth.
  3. Clasp dentures – metal-ceramic product based on a thin metallic arc anatomical shape. Partial denture allows you to recover all of the chewing function.
  4. Partial dentures – traditional "removable teeth" on the plastic base.
  5. Veneers are thin ceramic plates are attached to the front surface of the tooth and serve aesthetic purposes;
  6. Tabs – you could call them dentures-fillings are made from ceramics and complement the lost part of tooth crowns.
  7. Adhesive prosthesis – the latest gentle method that allows you to set the bridge based on fiberglass without installing crowns on the adjacent teeth.
  8. Dental implantation – implant in the jaw an artificial root over which a crown is put on.

When choosing a method of prosthetics physician relies on the history and needs of the client. Yes, dentures and dental implants are expensive, but this investment in your healthy future.

"The jaw in the Cup" in a new dimension

The above methods are divided into two main groups: fixed prosthetics and removable prosthetics. Second – laminar and clasp dentures (are partially detachable and hook-and-castles). Plastic design is already passing into the past, because they, first, uncomfortable, and secondly, can cause atrophy of tissues, in addition, short-lived. But clasp dentures very comfortable, lightweight, does not violate the diction, do not change the taste of food, they are easily used and can not be removed at night. Often used for full prosthetics.

Of course, to return the lost is impossible. But it is possible to restore the function, what an excellent job permanent methods. Prosthetics crowns, relatively inexpensive method that is still in demand. Of course, it is not about gold teeth besides the dentures of the front teeth requires the restoration of the aesthetic appeal of a smile.

Clinic of dental prosthetics "Doctor Zub" practicing the provision of services in accordance with innovative dental technologies so that every customer could once again feel the joy of life.