хирургическая стоматология

Clinic «Dr. Tooth» provides a variety of services in the field of surgery, which is primarily aimed at the conservation and restoration of the tooth. Using modern technology and the professionalism of our team allow us to make any, even the most complex procedure, a comfortable and painless as possible for any patient. 


Surgical operations are carried out in cases where conventional treatment is powerless. But the removal of the tooth is not always necessary, in most cases it is sufficient to remove only the damaged part. For the prevention and elimination of diseases specialists of our clinic conducted a number of operations help to preserve the tooth.

These include::

  • the removal of the tooth with a root;
  • cyst removal over the apex of the root;
  • removal of wisdom tooth root;;
  • partial removal of the infected root.

Complete removal of the tooth takes place only if it can not be restored completely and its presence significantly worsens the overall health.

Our specialists carry out::

  • removal of molars of varying complexity;
  • painless removal of a wisdom tooth.

All treatments are tested using local or general anesthesia and occupy no more than 20 minutes time. Used for pain relief drugs have all the necessary certificates and meet European quality standards.

Surgery will ensure your teeth "second life" or get rid of the problem forever

Just one word «surgery» can cause many people fear and discomfort. A combination of "dental surgery" could cause panic even in the stronger sex.

We all remember the terrible childhood surgery to remove teeth, which caused us to fear dentists and postponed until the last trip to the clinic. But it's in the past!

At all stages of our clinic doctors monitor the health condition of the patient and develop an individual treatment plan for each individual case. We also provide careful postoperative care to prevent complications and ensure maximum safety for your health.

Our clinic carries out extractions of varying difficulty, as well as the removal of wisdom teeth. Surgical dentistry also includes a set of procedures for the treatment of various inflammatory processes, tumors of the oral cavity, preparations for the introduction of implants, the treatment of various diseases of the salivary glands and a variety of operations on reduction of dislocation of the maxillofacial region.

All operations are painless and using quality local anesthetic drugs. For the most susceptible patients provided an opportunity to general anesthesia. We work with highly qualified anesthesiologists leading medical centers in Kiev and we can guarantee each of its patients maximum safety during use of general anesthesia.

Surgical dentistry for the youngest

In the framework of Operative Dentistry Clinic «Dr. Tooth»carries out operations to eliminate defects in the maxillofacial area kiddies from 2 months of age. Plastic bridles lips and tongue at an early age allows you to create a child's right prikuudalenie teeth mudrostis that in the future will ensure the normal development of speech, correct smile and no unpleasant diseases.удаление зубов мудрости

Removal of milk teeth also have to worry about every child, and specialists of our clinic will try to make this as painless as possible moment.

In the case of complex operations of children we use a special method of inhalation anesthesia. The child simply inhales painkillers without a terrible and painful injections.