Teeth whitening Dazzling white smile is a testimony to the success and well-being. But the color of the enamel may be influenced by products or as a result of injuries. Also affected by Smoking, poor dental care and even heredity.

You can whiten your teeth from the comfort of home, but will have to spend a lot of time and effort. Less expensive way is professional teeth whitening.

There are many ways to lighten the tone. However, don't expect instant transformation yellowed teeth in a dazzling white. It is as impossible as to paint the brunette in the blonde for once.

To home treatments include chemical whitening, independent or under the supervision of a physician who will produce a special mouthpiece filled with gel containing hydrogen peroxide. This cap for teeth whitening needs to be worn for about 2 hours in the day or worn at night. But this method can lead to hyperalgesia and therefore not suitable for people who have dental disease.

Still possible to independently perform the whitening, special chewing gum or toothpaste.

Types of procedures

To professional teeth lightening will take several treatments.

Air flow whitening

This method is to apply a special mass consisting of medical powder, water and compressed air. Not allowed to reuse this method as it causes damage to the tissue density of the tooth.

Laser teeth whitening

Is efficient and accurate treatment. Based on the extent of damage, selects the degree of impact of the laser. The processed teeth whitening gel, which aktiviziruyutsya laser. The advantages of this method include its painlessness and the maintenance of normal sensitivity. The procedure lasts less than an hour. Can be used in the absence of abrasions on the gums, caries and cracks.

Вeyond whitening

Teeth whitening This procedure consists in the following:

  • professional hygienic cleaning;
  • covering the gums with a protective material;
  • coating the teeth with a gel;
  • lighting halogen bulb to enhance the validity of the composition;
  • treatment composition that reduce the sensitivity of the enamel.

Duration 1.5 hours. The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure. This method is characterized by safety, effectiveness and long-term preservation result. Does not cause excess sensitivity.

The safe teeth whitening – ultrasonic. Thanks to him, even removes dental stones. At the end of the procedure on the surface of a polishing paste that has the ability for a long time to "push" pigments.


Bleaching is contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers, children under 14 years old, people with seals and diseases of the oral cavity, damaged the integrity of the teeth. After bleaching, you can not drink coffee, chocolate, you should give up Smoking and the use of toothpastes with abrasive particles.