Cosmetic dentistry Beauty, grooming, and snow-white color of the dentition is the dream of many and a great reason to visit the dentist who will be the "magic fairy" for its realization.

Today, many seek not only to ensure the health of your teeth and create a gorgeous "Hollywood" smile with excellent aesthetic parameters. Come to the aid of cosmetic dentistry. That is the service efficiently and professionally, provide employees of the medical center "Doctor Zub" in Kiev.

A beautiful smile is the key to success!

Smile is the attribute that helps us to solve many difficulties and problems, to communicate with the outside world and just enjoy life! And much nicer if this smile at the same time radiates health and beauty. Turning to one of the best clinics of aesthetic dentistry in Kiev "Doctor Zub", you will be able to create the aesthetics of your oral cavity, namely:

  • resume dentition, with the installation of lost teeth;
  • align crooked and misaligned teeth;
  • to whiten and give the natural color of tooth enamel;
  • to restore all the damage and deviations from the ideal tooth forms;
  • the alignment of the smile line, and gingival;
  • the creation of the necessary dental symmetry and proportions;
  • all kinds of decorations dentition with rhinestones.

Cosmetic dentistry in Kiev is a huge list of procedures that will allow you to recreate a perfect smile with white teeth the correct shape. But your health should be trusted in the hands of professionals with years of successful experience in the dental field and excellent reviews of their patients.

Aesthetics from the experts "Doctor Zub"

Cosmetic dentistry The love for their work, continuous improvement of dental procedures, responsibility, professionalism and individual approach to each patient – all of this makes the staff of our dental clinic in Kiev unsurpassed masters.

What is the list of services in the field of aesthetic dentistry offered by the specialists of medical center "Doctor Zub"? One of the most comprehensive lists among the capital's hospitals, including the following procedures:

  • restoring, creating the necessary shape, color and functionality of each tooth;
  • restoring lost teeth with porcelain veneers;
  • set Lumineers to recreate the perfect dentition;
  • ongoing whitening of the dentition without damaging the enamel using the latest methods and techniques;
  • for lovers of glamorous jewelry set with rhinestones and precious stones of different forms on the enamel of the tooth.

Whatever service you choose, our dentists will perform it at the highest level, efficiently and reliably. An important and enjoyable moment in the cooperation with us will be pricing, which will delight its democratic character.

Referring to the clinic of aesthetic dentistry "Doctor Zub", you provide yourself with health and flawless aesthetics of your teeth! We know how for a long time to build a charming smile in the most difficult cases, giving each client the confidence and great mood!