The removal of wisdom teeth In an adult healthy person ideally 32 teeth – 28 main and 4 "wise." The latter appear mainly in adulthood, from which he received such a title. In some cases you need to pull out a wisdom tooth. The procedure is not pleasant, but sometimes circumstances are forced to resort to it. For example, due to caused pain, discomfort, swelling of the gums.

The cost of removing wisdom teeth in Kiev

Prices for this procedure vary in different ranges. From 300 to 3000 hryvnia, depending on the complexity of the particular case. Gistaminovogo removal of wisdom teeth will cost more. Just need to talk to your doctor about portability problems local anesthesia and medicines. As if the anesthesia does not work correctly, the pain will be commensurate with the sense of fracture of phalanx of finger. So you should only trust the professionals to pull out a wisdom tooth. There is an option to avoid a complete pullout, if it is possible to numb the pain, remove the nerve.

Atypical extraction of wisdom tooth

The removal of wisdom teeth The process is complex. Characterized by the presence of atypical problems and finding adequate solutions. For example, if the eruption does not occur, and it is haunted by the many years required reportaugust removal of wisdom teeth. Such procedures are typically performed by dental surgeons or even surgeons because of improperly performed procedure can begin deformation of the jaw, facial muscles.

In common, these places are called "eight". But strangely enough, not many clinics spetsializiruyutsya on the removal of eight. Too much of a risk, with the necessary experience in this field. Just the Institute of education is clearly not enough.

Pain in the removal of wisdom teeth

To the procedure was virtually imperceptible to humans, should take care of the pain for the next 2-3 days. If it was produced by removal of the lower wisdom teeth, it is not superfluous to the use of special packs to help relieve swelling.

How dangerous is this procedure

Hazards can be several:

  • Most swelling of the gums may not allow you to completely remove the roots, over time they will begin to deteriorate.
  • Removal of the root of the wisdom tooth can take place in several stages, if it is very branchy. In this case, it may be too mangled gums from surgical interventions.
  • Horizontal wisdom tooth can be dangerous to catch the nerves of the adjacent dental units, they will begin to deteriorate. Over time, they may need to remove.
  • With a deep contraction of the group of eight you can catch the jaw bone, which in turn will cause another inflammation of the gums, muscle tissue.
  • Incorrect removal of the long leaves a feeling of presence of a foreign body.

Before any procedure, removal of wisdom teeth should consult specialists. This will eliminate unpleasant surprises. It is highly recommended to do an x-ray of the jaw to see all the problems from the inside.