X-ray diagnosis of teeth allows you to examine in more detail the problem of the patient and diagnose the disease invisible in normal inspection. Quite often, only through an X-ray can not detect the dangerous disease and tooth injuries hidden, so use the X-ray is now an integral part of any dental treatment.

Dental Clinic «Dr.Tooth» conducts quality x-ray diagnosis of the oral cavity, allowing deliver the most correct diagnosis to the patient and to identify possible diseases at an early stage.

As used in the clinic equipment provides::

  • maximum diagnostic accuracy;
  • the minimum exposure dose (90% decrease as compared to conventional X-ray examination methods);
  • obtaining high-quality images in different projections;
  • a quick result.

Early diagnosis allows the patient to deliver an accurate diagnosis, to see the hidden changes in dental tissues and to develop an individual plan for the most effective treatment.

Qualitative diagnosis – the key to successful treatment!