Emergency dental care As a rule, the need for emergency dental care comes unexpectedly. Reasons are different – the emergence of anxiety over running caries, and possibly an accident, which led to the injury of the dentition. But in any case it is impossible to postpone treatment indefinitely, because it is not provided in a timely manner help can pull a more serious health problems.

If you have a severe toothache, you fell out or broke a tooth, had problems with the seal does not matter – always helps emergency dental care! Emergency condition requires emergency events, especially, you should never delay the elimination of dental pain. But you have to be careful – in case of the ineffectiveness of pain medications, not recommended to use any additional analgesics, because they entail a high risk of overdose. Instead, as soon as possible to seek help to the doctor.

Causes of toothache

Emergency dental care in Kiev need in the presence of:

  • Complications caused by periodontal disease is the development of a purulent abscess. This files most often formed after improper installation of crowns or fillings and often leads to severe atrophy of bone tissue. If taken for treatment of the disease is still in its early stages, removal of diseased tooth can be easily avoided.
  • Dislocation or fracture of the tooth if assistance will be provided within one hour, he can normally settle down again.
  • Various pathological metamorphosis in the gums that require immediate expert intervention. Can cause lesions, like an ordinary inflammation, and more complicated, ulcer.
  • The eruption of wisdom teeth. Often under his hood accumulates a certain number of pus that prevent swallowing and chewing is normal. To eliminate substances should immediately contact an ambulance dental care.
  • Various injuries of the jaw, also can cause acute tooth pain, in addition, the state is an important reason for unconditional treatment to the dentist.

Emergency dental care Special attention should be paid to pediatric emergency dentistry. Children are by nature much more active and mobile adults. This means that the probability to injure the teeth, jaw, language and the risk of getting other injuries is much higher than normal. Because parents need to monitor their child as well as possible, in order to prevent accidents, but if something happened, immediately contact the emergency dental care clinic "Doctor Zub" for integrated care professionals.