Periodontics is one of the areas of dentistry, including the various treatments for periodontal bone tissue and gums, which affects not only adults but also children.

Although today periodontics (Kiev or in a small town on the periphery) is quite a developed branch of dentistry, according to statistics, periodontal disease occur in 98 % of adults aged 25-45 years. At the same time, 80 % of children suffer from gum disease. The reason for such high figures are quite banal – poor personal hygiene, improper diet, and ignoring the necessary preventive measures.

By using the latest technology and experience of specialists of medical center "Doctor Zub" carries out the periodontal treatment of any complexity. We offer a range of procedures for the treatment and prevention of periodontal in Kiev, including medical and laser treatment of periodontal pockets, diathermocoagulation gums, splinting and much more.

Specialists of the clinic "Doctor Zub" developed for each individual program of treatment, watching the patient's condition every step of the way, so we can guarantee the highest quality and long-term results.