установка брекетов

The deformation of the teeth and malocclusion now concerned both children and adults. Beautiful straight teeth - this is without doubt the main element of our way to help make a great impression, and like any other person. The curvature of the teeth, on the contrary, makes us ashamed of their smile and greatly complicates the freedom of communication with people.

Clinic «Dr. Tooth» will help you to correct the defects of the bite and restore the natural beauty of your smile. Different systems of braces can achieve perfect results, even in adulthood and sufficient guarantee full alignment of teeth without reverse deformation.  

Get rid of the problem will help to:

  • metal braces;

  • plastic braces;

  • ceramic braces;

  • sapphire braces;

  • lingual braces.

Give the world a radiant smile, and he'll smile at you in return!

Most of us have a child faced with the problem of malocclusion. The reasons for this may be the most diverse: from genetic predisposition to accidental injuries, but the result is almost always the same - crooked teeth and the development of related complexes. Many parents are forced to go to the dentist and dub dentition using awkward plates, and many thought that everything would be on its own, and now embarrassed to smile in photos.

Today there are several types of modern bracket systems that at any age will help restore the beauty of your smile. They vary in their price, materials and methods of binding the arc with braces. Based on individual patient preferences, our experts will select the ideal system for braces, which will help quickly and efficiently fix your problem.

металлические системы брекетов

The most common and economical option system are metal braces.  

A wide range of different variants of metal braces makes them attractive both for patients and for doctors. The appearance of modern metal braces has changed a lot - they have become much smaller and may have a different shape. But their main advantage over other types - is the minimum force of friction between the groove and the arc, the magnitude of which depends largely on the duration of the treatment. To produce them are used stainless steel, titanium or an alloy of nickel and titanium. For more fun and aesthetic appearance, metal braces can be supplemented with colored ligatures, or are in the form of various figures.

The second most popular are plastic braces. They look more aesthetic in comparison with metal, but because the plastic material is not strong enough for the needs of orthodontics in the construction of such a system is used a metal slot. In addition, plastic tends to be colored under the influence of dyes contained in products, and also is fairly brittle material. However, plastic braces can have a variety of colors and shapes, so they are widely used, especially in children's orthodontics. 

керамические и сапфировые брекетыCeramic and sapphire brekety more robust systems include ceramic and sapphire brackets.

Ceramics looks very aesthetically pleasing: its color is usually the same color as teeth, which leads to the brackets almost imperceptibly. The only problem ceramic braces is a high friction between the arc and slot bracket, which may increase the duration of treatment. To solve this problem, some manufacturers are adopting the design of the metal groove.

Sapphire braces also belong to the group of ceramic braces are made of artificial sapphire crystal. They are completely transparent, the most noticeable and beautiful.