One of the best implant systems Bicon, differs from other systems by its size not exceeding 0.8 mm, in contrast to other classical implants. This feature enables more gentle implantation with minimal damage to the bone. The small size and material affects the quality of healing of the implant, which in this system as high as possible.

Small titanium design from Bicon have the following indications:

  • installation of dental implants without bone augmentation in case of its fault;
  • the implant and fixation of the prosthesis immediately after the removal of the tooth.

Features of dental implants Bicon

  • easy installation: due to its small size, the design perfectly fuses with the bone in almost 100% of cases. During installation there is a small puncture of the jaw bone, without cutting the tissue;
  • quick healing: small length contributes to a better engraftment. Length is much shorter than other implants, but Bicon has an area of 30% more;
  • does not require bone augmentation: also all due to the small length of the Bicon implant can be installed where other implants without additional surgery for bone grafting, it is not.
  • momentary fixation after tooth extraction: implant can be implanted into the cavity that remained after tooth extraction. Moreover, after this temporary crown is placed to preserve for the patient an aesthetic look and also in order not to restrict the patient in eating;
  • install the implant without a crown: the Bicon implant has a unique advantage – the installation even without the crown. With the lack of space in the dentition, the upper part of the implant may be covered with material that in structure and color matches with the enamel of the patient.

This installation of dental implants in Kiev has a fairly high cost, because of the quality and numerous advantages, data implants belong to the price segment premium. The high cost will help to decide the dental treatment on credit in Kievthat our clinic has been successfully practicing.