Treatment and prevention of periodontitis Periodontitis is a set of various fabrics making the nutrition of the tooth, supporting its integrity and hold it in place. Periodontitis is the inflammation of these tissues due to insufficient oral hygiene.

Onset of the disease

Primarily manifested itself periodontitis inflammation of the gums-on the map its redness and bleeding, foul odor. Also, the tooth may become mobile because there is a denudation of the ego of the cervix. Conducting a diagnosis of periodontitis, the dentist draws attention not only to its manifestation. Determine the severity of its occurrence (light, medium, heavy) and the degree of damage.

The reasons for the emergence of such a process are numerous:

  • too soft food;
  • the presence of dental plaque and Tartar;
  • insufficient mouth hygiene;
  • the use of antibiotics;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • bad habits;
  • injuries of the oral cavity;
  • deep carious lesions of teeth;
  • of vascular disease.
A variety of factors contributing to the emergence of this disease does not allow for proper prevention. It remains to follow the rules of hygiene and implement a preventive examination for early detection and effective treatment of periodontitis.

The treatment of the disease

Treatment and prevention of periodontitis For complete recovery from such illness, first of all, you need to consult with the doctor of paradontologa, who will examine your mouth, diagnose the degree and force of destruction, and will also help to determine the subsequent plan of treatment of periodontal disease and its cost.

For a more complete diagnosis of the patient will be asked to do x-rays, panoramic images of the entire jaw or the sighting (of a single plot). The periodontitis treatment in Kiev takes place in several stages, depending on the complexity of the treatment:

  1. Cleaning of the teeth from plaque and Tartar, which are the main drives of harmful bacteria. In most cases, especially when the detection of the disease in its early stages, this treatment is enough to restore health in the mouth.
  2. The appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve swelling, pain and the cessation of purulent processes. It can be as local treatment, such as special toothpastes and General therapy with antibiotics.
  3. Treatment of carious process, the removal of teeth that cannot be restored, sealing and preparation for prosthetics – these procedures are carried out in parallel with the main treatment of periodontitis;
  4. Splinting, bond the teeth with a special ribbon and lighting the composite, or by using crowns. This procedure is performed when severe bone atrophy and strong mobility of teeth;
  5. Surgical treatment of periodontitis, a procedure that, by removing sediment that has resolved the bone and replanting of synthetic bone tissues, allows radically to entertain the problem.
  6. The prosthesis is prescribed only in the absence of teeth.

Modern methods of treatment of periodontitis lead to a complete deliverance from disease for many years.