Art restoration Smile is our main decoration. She remained so, it is necessary to care for the oral cavity.

What is the dental restoration and its causes

Aesthetic restoration of teeth is making it attractive appearance together with the restoration of damaged areas.

Aesthetic restoration of a tooth in Kiev carried out:

  • in the presence of defects;
  • to recreate the original form;
  • when damage to the enamel;
  • abnormal occlusion;
  • if you change the color;
  • in the injury of one or several incisors.

Depending on the reasons for treatment, the specialist selects the optimal method of treatment.

The pros and cons of the procedure

Everything in our world has two sides. So and this procedure. Its positive side:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • filling takes place with minimal impact on the enamel;
  • long lifespan like enamel, and treated cutter.


  • Huge risk of breakage of the restored structure. The greater the size, the greater the likelihood of a breakdown by mastication load.
  • Over time, the color of the seal changes. This is unacceptable if it is on the front incisors. That's when the attractive appearance of the smile. This situation is correctable through a complete renovation.

The work order

Stages of tooth restoration:

  • preparatory work;
  • the introduction of an anesthetic;
  • removal of damaged tissue, old fillings;
  • isolation of the tooth from saliva;
  • if the damage is half of the tooth, the dentist fixes the font in the root canal;
  • capacity, the formation by application of a special material;
  • polishing and grinding.

About the methods

Teeth restoration can take place in one of the standard methods. Distinguish:

  • the indirect method of restoration;
  • the method of direct restoration;

Art restoration Let's try to understand their character.

The first method consists of prosthetic restorations (material that is very durable and easy to use), special crowns or bridge structures. The stomatologist-orthopedist is a treatment plan that considers the type of construction. If necessary, it directs the client to a periodontist. Only after this the dentist takes a mold of the cutters. When then begin to construct structures, the dentist begins to direct restoration.

The method of direct restoration use with minimal damage to the tooth. This method requires from the dentist possession of anatomical knowledge and aesthetic taste. The description method is in great demand among the customers, because it allows you to quickly solve the problem.


Many people wonder how much dental restoration. So once you no one will not give an answer to this question. In determining the cost you need to consider many nuances:

  • the complexity of the treatment;
  • dislocation of the disease;
  • materials used;
  • additional costs, etc.

It is also worth noting that the restoration of the front teeth will cost you more than other cutters. Nevertheless, in the clinic, "Doctor Zub" the cost of restoration of teeth is quite reasonable for any budget. Contact us!