Canal treatment Teeth is an independent integral entity with its own nervous and circulatory systems. This ensures that at the slightest damage to any of the elements of this system may feel sick and there is a risk of losing the tooth.

To prevent this, it is necessary to pass the examination and root canal treatment. After all, it is an infection and affects the soft pulp tissue.

The main causes of the disease

Channels and other parts of the tooth are damaged due to:

  • education bacteria in the mouth;
  • damage to the tooth due to injury;
  • gum diseases;
  • incorrectly performed treatment.

To carry out root canal treatment, you need to conduct a number of actions:

  • to remove the pulp;
  • to clean the root canals from bacteria;
  • implement the forming channels;
  • to install the seal.

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How we work

Endodontic treatment begins with the examination of the oral cavity. In addition, the doctor:

  • listens to patient complaints;
  • finding the cause;
  • specifies the number of the damaged teeth.

If needed, the dentist:

  • makes the;
  • sends additional information to other professionals for the purpose of parallel therapy.

The doctor agrees with the patient methods of influence, advanced the timing, the materials used in the process, the cost of treatment of tooth canals.

Tooth really save just in case, if the time to cure the root canals. In our time it is this way:

Canal treatment
  • is the cleaning of the tooth with a special tool, which you can use to get to the most narrow, curved;
  • lavage potent solutions covering the entire system;
  • timely installation of seals to protect against penetration of infection;
  • local application of drugs, which is opposed to re-infection.

Canal treatment on the last stage involves the use of the following methods to restore the external structure of the tooth:

  • filling;
  • crowns;
  • microprosthesis.

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The cost

Many factors affect the rates of root canal treatment of the tooth. The price really depends on:

  • complexity of procedures performed;
  • features of the structure channels;
  • the duration of the treatment;
  • the need to implement additional measures.

A professional treatment that is done by experienced doctors and using the latest methods, high-quality foreign materials and tools, guaranteed to rescue even the most hopeless tooth, warning complications, leading to his loss.

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