Dentistry for pregnant women The mothers were interested in the question: "is it Possible to treat teeth during pregnancy?" Women expecting a baby and you need to pick the right procedure that won't hurt. After all, it is strictly forbidden to use tablets (except for the really emergency cases).

A lot of research scientists who have searched and finally found the solution to this problem. They invented a special technique and rentgenologicheski equipment that is completely safe in the treatment of teeth during pregnancy. Creating such a technique, the best dentists from different countries have calculated it so to be completely safe from harm a mother and her unborn child.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of analgesic should be at the highest level, because stress is contraindicated for pregnant women. Today created a special requirements for holding such manipulations. But how to treat teeth during pregnancy? To do no harm requires that the exposure of x-ray diagnostics was reduced to a minimum, and all protection reliable and safe. In addition, dentistry for pregnant women to find the right dose of anesthesia.

Arsenic, which is used in the treatment, very well penetrates through the placenta. Therefore, the procedure should be approached responsibly and to consider the use of each drug, not to harm the baby.

Contraindications and recommendations

Dentistry for pregnant women in Kiev – a special complex of services involving professionalism and use of only quality medicines for the treatment of expectant mothers. If this situation is allowed:

  • to clean the teeth;
  • to treat caries and periodontitis;
  • if necessary to remove the tooth;
  • to diagnose and treat inflammation of the gums.

Dentistry for pregnant women In dentistry for pregnant use only those drugs that are absolutely safe for the child in the womb. A woman waiting for the baby, should know that dental treatment during pregnancy should be very carefully. Because you can cause a number of complications. In the medical center "Doctor Zub" practiced by the use a variety of methods for safe rehabilitation of the dental cavity.

Our experts have created a treatment method for those who are in position. They are:

  • conduct a full examination of his patient;
  • diagnosis is done only in cases of emergency;
  • pick up a special set for the care of mouth cavity;
  • treatments are done only with those drugs that can treat your teeth during pregnancy.

To treat teeth pregnant women should if a problem is detected. Because the body of the woman carrying the child, the more susceptible to all diseases and cannot fully deal with the problems.

To treat teeth pregnant should beusing a special approach and method. Pregnancy and dental treatment – always hard work for the dentist. And to the question "When to treat teeth during pregnancy?" there is only one solution. It is worth doing only on the advice of a qualified professional. To preserve the health of their teeth, future mums we suggest to visit the dentist for preventive purposes.