Sealing is one of the most sparing methods for restoring the integrity of damaged teeth. The invention of new composite materials has made this method also aesthetic, thanks to which it is now possible to install seals even on the front teeth, without worrying that the seal will spoil your smile.

If you want to get a really high-quality and imperceptible seal, do not try to save by choosing a cheaper option. First, a cheap filling can darken and will not match the color of natural teeth, which does not look very attractive. Secondly, such seals usually do not have a long service life, so soon you will have to spend money on a new seal.

It is important to understand that the cost of installing the seal on the front teeth will depend on the type of filling material, the degree of tooth decay, the pricing policy of the dental clinic, etc.

Which one to choose a seal on the front teeth?

Most patients trust the choice of the filling material to the dentist, because they themselves do not know anything about the advantages and disadvantages of this or that filling material. We want to briefly talk about the most popular fillings on the front teeth and their main characteristics.

If still some 20 years ago dentists used only cement and metal fillings, today these types of filling materials are a thing of the past and are practically not used in dental practice. They were replaced by new, more perfect seals made of composite materials, which are distinguished by their durability, aesthetics and safety. To date, plastic and photopolymer fillings are most often used to fill the front teeth.

Plastic fillings at one time reproduced a furor among dentists and among their patients, since with their appearance it became possible to select the color of the fillings to match the color of the natural tooth and restore even the front teeth imperceptibly. However, it soon became clear that this filling material has many disadvantages: plastic fillings are quite toxic and can cause pulpitis; They succumb to food colorings and darken; Over time, the plastic becomes porous and less durable.

At the same time, photopolymer fillings are non-toxic, durable, resistant to food coloring, different temperature regimes and have a fairly long service life (about 10-15 years with proper care). This is the best option for sealing the front teeth to date, so most often the dentists of the clinic "Doctor Zub" recommend their patients to install the front teeth just photopolymer seals.