The key to successful treatment of these unpleasant diseases, leading to the loss of perfectly healthy teeth, will be correct and timely diagnosis, allowing to recognize their early symptoms. The latest development in this field is the diagnostic system Florida Probe, which was developed by American scientists in conjunction with practicing specialists periodontists. It allows you to thoroughly examine the patient's gums and records a detailed result in electronic form. The procedure for diagnosing the condition of periodontal disease or, as it is also called, the periodontist with the Florida Probe system is completely painless and lasts no more than half an hour. But its results, supported by x-ray photographs, will have 100% accuracy.

The treatment of periodontal diseases can be long, therefore, it is advisable to record a periodontist to evaluate its effectiveness at different stages.

The main working element of the diagnostic complex Florida Probe is a probe connected to the computer, which measures the depth of the periodontal pockets and assesses the condition of the periodontal tissue. The specialist passes this probe through all the dental calculi in the tooth, and the computer program, meanwhile, records and analyzes the following data:

  • bleeding gums
  • mobility of teeth
  • presence of inflammatory process
  • the depth of periodontal pockets and the presence of purulent infection in them

Since the result is given immediately, the patient, if he has a problem, can immediately discuss its degree with the diagnostic doctor.

But most importantly - the Florida Probe system allows you to determine the initial periodontal damage before the first symptoms appear. And this gives an opportunity to start timely treatment and monitor the condition of periodontal disease in dynamics, using the function of automatic registration of the results of the study.

Identified with the Florida Probe system at an early stage, any periodontal disease with the immediate onset of adequate treatment with mandatory control of its effectiveness gives a very favorable prognosis for the preservation of teeth until old age.