Diseases such as deep dental caries, pulpitis and periodontitis, the patient delivered a lot of inconvenience and pain, turning his life into a real one. Often for solving these problems, the doctor is forced to carry out a root canal treatment. This procedure is considered to be one of the most difficult in dentistry and deals with these problems endodontics.

The need for root canal treatment may be caused by the presence of inflammatory processes that can lead to defeat and necrotizing soft tissue located in the root canal. Diagnosis of these conditions is held by a physician on the basis of visual inspection of the patient and radiography. The reason for the start of the inflammatory process may be different dental diseases, but most often it is caries and pulpitis. Symptoms that dental channels requires treatment is pain, swelling of the gums near a tooth.The disease can become chronic and then the patient feels no pain, but the treatment he needs.

Root canal treatment of the tooth consists of several stages:

  • Local anesthesia;
  • With the help of a special device, the doctor isolates the tooth from the rest of the oral cavity;
  • Opening access to the pulp;
  • The removal of the affected part of the pulp with simultaneous drug treatment.
  • Nerve canals are dried using a special paper of pins.
  • Filling the canals of the tooth.

The duration of treatment depends on what tooth it is, because each of them has a different number of channels, as well as the complexity of the situation. Cleaning and filling the canals takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is very important that the doctor carefully cleaned the channels and held sealed their Boxing. To restore the coronal portion used by various restorative materials. If the tooth crown is severely damaged, the sealing is carried out with the use of dental pins.

After the root canals were exposed to the treatment of the patient may suffer tooth pain, especially when pressure is applied on the tooth, feeling of tiredness, General malaise. For several days may be tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food. Usually within a few days the discomfort completely disappear. But if the pain is unbearable, you can take painkillers that the doctor will recommend. If the pain does not subside, it must again contact the doctor.This may indicate that treatment was conducted incorrect or inflammatory process has begun.