This branch of dentistry deals with the treatment of a particular type of oral disease. And before you rush to make an appointment to the periodontist, do not forget about the main thing - that all these problems can be avoided by following conventional advice and procedures:

The first thing that comes to everyone's mind - a daily tooth brushing. Ideally, as the dentists say, you need to brush your teeth after every meal. It is not always convenient to work, on the road, in the car, especially with the modern pace of life. However, enough of the morning and evening prevention. So simple. You could not think about that every day produce the treatment of their teeth.

Also, do not forget to floss. It is able to reduce the percentage of probability of occurrence of diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease or the appearance of dental cysts.

Selection Brush. It is not necessary to think that the toothbrush is tougher, the better it cleans. To some extent you are right. But a brush with soft bristles will not damage the gums, and will not lead to gingivitis - inflammation of them.

Pay attention to the quality of the work rather than the quality of the materials. Even the most modern equipment will help the dentist without professional hands. The same applies to the choice of toothpaste. All of them are equally effective, and important only how well you brush your teeth.

Periodontal disease treatment and prevention of its causes

Even if you have a bright, capable to eclipse outdoor sun glare, straight teeth and you have a perfect bite, do not forget what is happening around them. Gum disease can occur due to:

  • tartar;
  • blood disorders or diabetes;
  • anomalies in the jaw structure;
  • short frenulum of the lips.

All this can lead to periodontal disease, which in most cases, painless to the patient. As a result, the need for treatment of the gums, it becomes a great surprise to the person.