The patient listens to your doctor and do not know all the specifics of the procedure, medicines, materials and sequences, so he trusts his opinion the word dentist. And whether it's a small business and a small clinic or a private company and a large - purchase of medical materials can not depend on the opinions of clients.

But that was before. Now, place on the market it is necessary to take away from its competitors, and often to sacrifice freedom for the sake of patients, allowing them to decide for themselves - sapphire brackets or metal, cement or plastic seals.

Reputation clinics in modern conditions is not built on quality of service. The customer perceives it as required and self-evident conditions dental business life.

Patients and their families already know in advance what they want from the trip to the dentist.

Dental materials only for business

Nevertheless, the need for a shelf in the cabinet for modern materials - is an important condition for perfect patients. No need to check the quality of materials - this is a sign of confidence in the company. And satisfied customers who, after 5 - 10 years of happily smiling to you - this is a real business model is a strong relationship.

Dental materials from around the world

It's like braces, fillings, glass ionomer cements, caps, from well-known names of VITA, SIRONA, RENFERT (Germany), the DENTSPLY (Switzerland), DENTSPLY MAILLEFER, and inexpensive products of domestic manufacturers - Stoma, Latus (Ukraine), KMIZ, VladMiVa ( Russian), CHEMA (Poland) and many others. Allofthisyouandforyou.