Perhaps this is the most radical procedure that uses dentist. There are emergency situations where the removal of the teeth is not an option, but the only solution. Among them:

  • Severe toothache.
  • Starting inflammation. Then, the procedure necessary to avoid the serious contamination or oral disease.
  • When a tooth is coerced by, and his version of the treatment or correction does not make sense.
  • When the longitudinal fracture of tooth removal will

In addition there may be other reasons that do not require immediate attention, but removal is considered as the best option:

  • The typical position of the tooth that can interfere with a person during a meal, or the possibility of damage to tissue or mucous membranes.
  • Swollen jaw due to local tooth defects.
  • The inability to preserve the integrity of the tooth by other known methods.
  • Complications arising during the treatment of cysts.
  • Caries.

For the healing of the wells need to adhere to a set of simple rules:

  • The first few days it is not necessary to take a hard, cold or very hot food.
  • Limit yourself from significant physical stress and forget about visiting the baths, saunas or pools.
  • Intensive Rinse the mouth is not recommended, but if it is not prescribed by your dentist.

After 1 month after the tooth extraction, this place will not bother you. But it is possible to start the process of displacement of other teeth in a row. Therefore, the doctor will warn you about the need for prosthetics. Shifting teeth can lead to unpleasant consequences when chewing.

Removal of wisdom teeth - a wise decision

Typically, the "eight" does not play a significant role when chewing or in everyday life. By age 25, they ripen and cause the wearer discomfort, ranging from the wrong position and discomfort to severe pain.

Depending on the specific location, access difficulties, secondary factors - the state of the tissues, the adjacent teeth - dentists may use both general and local anesthesia. Therefore, this procedure can be described as completely painless tooth extraction. Proven experience in anesthetics and doctors will save you from the discomfort and unpleasant consequences.