In dental practice proper hygiene and regular dental and oral are the most important and basic preventive measures. Most of the diseases are associated with lack of hygiene, and not with any external factors. Do you want to get strong and healthy teeth, pink gums without inflammation and fresh breath? Then caring about the purity of the teeth and the mouth should be a priority. In addition, microorganisms that live in the mouth, cause not only dental problems, but and a number of others, for example, diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive systems, nervous disorders and others. There are more than 60 total diseases that are caused by these microbes and bacterias

How long does it take to clean teeth? Dentists recommend brushing teeth at least 2 minutes. And the average patient usually spends about half a minute. Because of this, many people have a visible plaque and tartar deposits. Even thorough brushing will not provide the best results - you need to use dental floss and special rinses. Mouthwashs disinfected, kill bacterias, strengthen the enamel and gums. Dental floss (floss) effectively cleans the spaces between teeth from plaque and food debris. It is desirable to use after every meal, but at least, it is possible and once a day after the evening  teeth cleaning. No less important is the irrigator - a device that removes plaque and massage gums by pulsating stream of water. Also be sure to clean the plaque from the tongue.

Nevertheless, proper hygiene is not 100% guarantee of health. You need to come to the dentist every six months to control the condition of the teeth and gums. A specialist is not only examine you, and if it will be necessary, holds a professional dental cleaning. Professional teeth cleaning involves the removal of plaque, soft plaque and pigments, polishing and coating of the tooth surface fluorinating varnish.

It's never too late to start take care of teeth and oral hygiene. But it must be done correctly. In our clinic, you can not only get high quality dental services in Kyiv, but also detailed consultation dental hygienist.