Until 15 November 2016 in dentistry "Dr. Zub" is a discount on the most reliable and effective way to whiten teeth. This laser technology can achieve rapid results without harm to your health. The number of sessions is limited!

In the price included:

  • professional cleaning of the oral cavity;
  • one session lasting up to 40 minutes;
  • teeth whitening of two jaws;


In our clinic dentist uses the latest laser equipment. This equipment includes whitening function. Action of this gel is based on the hydrogen peroxide and effect is accelerated by the laser beam, which allows reducing the time of the procedure. This is oxygen evolution process and enamel change its color in contact with it. Treatment time depends on the individual characteristics of the patient but usually one session is enough to get an excellent results.

Laser whitening

Besides the whitening our doctors will advise you how to improve the effectiveness of this procedure. You may need the pre-hygienic cleaning to enhance the impact of components on the tooth enamel.

Also we make professional cleaning of the mouth before bleaching!

Before exposure to the laser, to protect the soft tissues, oral cavity, tongue and lips are covered with a special material. The patient's eyes are protected by special goggles.

After applying the gel on the enamel, every tooth will be treated separately several times. The procedure is completely painless, but perhaps light will be able to tingle sensation. After the procedure, the teeth are covered with ointment fluoride to strengthen enamel.

For more information and advice, as well as for pre-schedule an appointment, please call (044) 502-91-92 or other phone numbers listed in the contact section.