Make your teeth lighter to help a variety of ways, but not a lot of really effective techniques that can whiten your teeth, without risk to your health.
To answer the question what is the still the best way of bleaching is difficult enough, but certainly we can say that the rapid and safe bleaching is possible only in professional terms.    We have analyzed the pros and cons of various methods of professional whitening, and we want to share with you.

Professional whitening is of several types, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Criteria whitening is considered to be effective, safe and of course the speed of the process. It is for these criteria will be analyzed by the following methods of whitening.


The principle of this method is exposed to light special lamps (including the popular halogen or ultraviolet) in the teeth coated with a whitening gel. The advantage of this method has a simultaneous effect on the entire outer surface of the teeth area smiles. Duration of treatment - within one hour –to one and a half, and the cost is relatively low. The main disadvantage of this method is a thermal effect on the teeth, which leads to increased sensitivity.

Chemical whitening

There is a consequence of exposure to the gel without heating lamp. The result is that the procedure is increased since there is no exposure to light - catalytic chemical process. But there is still a risk of a chemical burn, because the absence of a catalyst is compensated by increasing the concentration of the bleaching agent. Chemical teeth whitening is considered to be less effective than other methods.

Laser whitening

Laser teeth whitening – the most modern and effective method in dentistry. As in the first method, a catalyst is used, but in this case is a special medical laser. This method allows in a few minutes to get a clear result, it enables to constantly monitor the process of a specialist performing the procedure and reduces the risk of side effects such as overheating and sensitivity. The only drawback of this method is its cost.

The clinic Doctor Zub laser tooth present the latest equipment and experienced professionals who can prove all the above advantages of laser bleaching.

Home whitening

Of course, with proper care, it is possible to whiten your teeth at home. It is the most gentle, but at the same time very long process. With the use of a special gel caps and whitening everyday, tangible results can be obtained in three weeks.


Obviously, the most active and fastest way is laser whitening, it is nevertheless possible to achieve results, and other, more durable and less expensive way.