Today, medicine is developing faster and faster. Absolutely in all sectors with a high frequency of introducing new methods of treatment that are radically different from the previous ones. Especially progressive is the dental industry.  One of the latest techniques in dentistry, which facilitates treatment and makes it safer to become laser treatment of teeth and oral cavity.

Laser dentistry in Kiev is no longer a fantasy but a reality. In dentistry «Dr. Zub» trained specialists successfully uses a new method of treatment in different areas of dental treatment.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of this method of treatment, and its capabilities.

The benefits of laser stomatology:

Primarily, the laser — is more gentle instrument compared to traditional. Unlike traditional scalpel, laser dot allows isolated incisions that are much thinner and neater, and more than that, absolutely no bleeding. The laser also contributes to rapid regeneration, and the treatment of diseased tissues – not hurt healthy areas.

Another advantage of laser treatment – it is painless. Because in most cases the treatment is not required nor any anesthetics. Just contact-impact and anti-bacterial properties exclude the possibility of infection.

 Areas of application of the laser in stomatology

Laser therapy in dentistry has a wide spectrum. Used in Surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry, for the treatment of various diseases of the gums and Prevention, in the treatment of dental caries and its complications, for disinfecting canals, plastic soft tissues of the mouth, teeth whitening, prosthetics, including installation of implants, as well as installation brackets.

During surgery, the laser replaces the scalpel provides much less pain, and the incisions heal much faster and do not bleed. Gum treatment with a laser so happens smoothly, punctually, without affecting healthy tissues.

Another procedure that is gaining great popularity is laser teeth whitening. The most progressive, friendly and effective way to whiten teeth today.

Strong laser helps in the treatment of channels, which are the traditional disinfection methods less efficient. And of course with the help of laser , implantation it becomes much easier for both the patient and the doctor. Laser implantation in Kiev is becoming increasingly popular, supplanting traditional methods.

Dangerous if the laser to the patient?

Subject to the basic safety rules, such as eye protection, laser treatment is safe.

How much more expensive than the traditional laser treatment?

Prices for this method correspond to its quality. As it is necessary to consider the cost of laser equipment. We always try to explain to the patient what he is overcharged, to inform about all the advantages and disadvantages of this technique. And the choice between traditional and laser treatment always of remains patient.