A good pediatric dentist is not only a high quality professional, as well as specialists with special approach to children, a kind of psychologist who during the treatment prevents the receipt of trauma to the child. Agree, not all adults can safely tolerate dental treatment, in most cases because of the stereotypes about these painful procedures.

Because children important special approach to treatment and should be aware of the specifics of oral disease in young patients.

Often dental disease in children tested without any symptoms until the starting material is not damage. If your child has a toothache, it means that the oral health of your baby was badly run.

How dangerous caries and how to fight it

In children, tooth enamel is much weaker than those of adults, as the mineralization of primary teeth takes place after their eruption. Because the teeth in this period are extremely vulnerable. Through the fissures bacteria are easier to penetrate and begin to destroy the teeth. To help the bacteria come sugar – the main cause of tooth decay and provocateur. So loved by children candy will melt often they cause bad teeth.

But all this can be prevented in the first place, to limit the consumption of sweet, enough is not easy, and secondly - to teach the child from an early age to oral hygiene. It is also very important:

  • choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste for a child;
  • learn to properly clean your child's teeth;
  • or even better: go to a pediatric dentist who will teach hygiene.

Do not forget that children can transmit the infection parents, for example, if they and the children eat with a spoon.

Why is it necessary to treat milk teeth?

It is a dangerous delusion of parents that baby teeth do not need to be treated, often leads to problems already molars. Amazed baby tooth not only spreads the infection to the neighboring, but also leads to future infection molars, which are still under the dairy.

This leads to what is already infected grows permanent teeth, which are more complex and lengthy to treat.

It is necessary to keep the baby teeth from falling because of the lack of teeth begins deformation of the dentition, which will affect the location of the permanent teeth and bite the child.

лечение зубов у детей в Киеве

There are conventionally 3 degrees of caries in children:

light, medium and deep. Average affects dentin, and pulp and strikes deep root of the tooth. Last accompanied by severe pain, even during a call.  

  • Treatment of initial caries – the most simple and painless. Silver and fluoridation of teeth will provide reliable protection and prevent further spread of the disease.
  • Superficial caries, treated by fillings. Installing the seal takes place after the removal of the affected tissue of the tooth.
  • If you reach the middle and deep caries there is a great risk of pulp. It needs to be removed, drilled tooth and seal channels.

When should go to the doctor

Do not think that your baby just tell that he had something wrong with his teeth. Children usually do not pay attention, as long as not much hurts. Because parents always need to be on the alert. Pediatric Dentistry in the first place should be a place of regular inspections and preventive maintenance, and only then - for treatment. Early detection of problems will not only preserve the health of children and the nerves of parents, but also save a lot of money.

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