Ceramic braces system – one of the most stealthy correction of irregularities of the dentition. This type of braces has vestibular type of attachment (to the outside of the tooth row), but the color of the ceramic structure can be matched to any shade of the tooth enamel, which makes this type of bracket system as negligible as possible, both for «external» braces, so they can be named aesthetic.


Structure and Strength 

The strength of ceramic bracket system gives way to metal – ceramic, though solid, but tends to crumble. Because ceramic braces with care, and they are more difficult to remove. Such shortcomings irrelevant, given the excellent aesthetic effect of such braces, plus to all these disadvantages are eliminated with time producers by introducing a variety of new technologies.

Ceramic braces are the property of high friction metal and ceramic arc groove, because of what may slightly delay the wear, are also possible small periodic breakdowns in the system that can be easily eliminated.

There are both ligature and no-ligature of ceramic brackets, are fastened to the last arc power by using special moving clamps that minimize friction.

Often the question arises, whether painted ceramic braces?  Just the answer is – no, but, like the teeth, they accumulate plaque, which is prone to staining. Very often change color ligature, especially after consuming such beverages as tea, coffee and other drinks and food coloring. The solution to these problems will be a regular hygiene, including professional cleaning. In addition, we must remember that litagureregularly change each time you visit the orthodontist did not give the problem worse.

The cost of ceramic braces

Install ceramic brackets in Kiev will be more expensive than metal, but cheaper than, the lingual (inner) braces. The cost of an average of about 5000 UAH.One jaw. They are excellent value for money, quality and aesthetics. This aesthetic function makes them so popular today.

Various ceramic braces are available in the arsenal of the clinic «Doctor Zub», which can be consulted free of charge, and choose the optimal system of braces.